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Inter school Winners

13th East India Debates, 2017

The 13th East India Debates 2017 were held at the Assam Valley School (AVS), Tezpur on September 18-20, 2017. 4 students: Sanjana Sheth (ISC), Niharika Salhotra (IB), Karan Samat (IB) and Pratika Nagpal (IB) participated accompanied by Ms. Jayanthi Nilakantan.

16 teams from different parts of the country participated in the Debates. The format followed was the modified Cambridge format, wherein there are 3 speakers- the lead speaker, the second speaker and the third speaker.

The teams were divided into 2 groups, 1 to 8 and 9 to 16. Each group was given a different topic.

On September 18, 2017, the opening ceremony was held where the school hymn was sung, following which the representatives of all the schools mounted their respective school flags on stands placed on the stage. The meet was declared open by Mrs.Mehta, the head of the school. There was an interesting ice-breaking session after which teams retired to the library for preparation.

In Prelim Round 1, we faced the Delhi Public School, Guwahati. The motion was ‘This house believes that today’s youth is wild and selfish’. Cathedral was opposing the motion and we won. Sanjana Sheth was judged the Best Speaker for the debate and Pratika Nagpal the Most Promising Speaker.

In Prelim Round 2, we faced the Assam Valley School (Team Green). The motion was ‘This house believes that third gender equality is a farce.’ We were the proposition and we lost the motion. Sanjana was judged the Most Promising Speaker for that debate.

In Prelim Round 3, we faced Sanskriti the Gurukul, Guwahati. The motion was ‘This house believes that religion is a stumbling block in a nation’s progress.’ We were team proposition and we won the debate.

Winning 2 of the 3 prelim rounds, we qualified for the quarter finals, where we faced AVS (Green) Team and the motion was ‘This house believes that Modi’s India is headed down a dangerous path’. Cathedral was the opposition. Despite solid statistics we were unable to convince the judges.

The finals saw a tough fight between the Shriram School and the Vasant Valley School. Besides being extremely composed rather than aggressive, the two teams organized the points very well amongst the three team members. This is definitely something we could work on.

A closing ceremony was held thereafter when awards were given to the Best Speakers of all the rounds. Each school was given a memento and all the participants were awarded participation certificates. After the Chief Guest’s speech, the flags were dismounted and the meet was officially declared closed.

Cascade 2017

The School sent a contingency of 88 students, the largest contingent sent to any inter-school event to Cascade 2017, hosted by the Jamnabhai Narsee School. At cascade, it was all put to the test! The four days of Cascade were filled with intense debating, performing and thinking.

The Chairman of Cascade, Mr. Raunak Kapur, stated that the contingent was one of the most courteous school at Cascade.

The students won the following competitions:

  • The Cascade Debate (1st) – Sanjana Sheth, Nihaal Bharwani, Taera Singh, Keya Kilachand.

  • Web War (Online Debate) (1st) – Sarah Phillips.

  • Pro-cabulary (1st) – Siddhant Sanghi, Neha Sarraf, Angela Matthew.

  • Bring it On!(Street Dance)(1st) – Aliya Uberoi, Aditi Narwekar, Aliya Dsilva, Saranya Dhawan, Ila Parikh, Kareena Choksi, Diya Shivadasani, Nishka Yalavatti .

  • Looney Hoops(Basketball)(2nd) – Khushish Jain, Rishi Kothari, Saumya Kothari, Yash Layazawala, Sharan Bhanshali, Saikrishna Raju, Kushank Shah, Karan Kapadia .

  • Blitz Chess (2nd) – Dhruv Sanghai .

  • Squash (U-19 Boys)(2nd) – Himay Kapadia.

  • The Front Row (Film Critique) (3rd) – Tanushree Bubna.


The students learnt to take responsibility and that participation was more important than winning.

Aqua Regia Quiz

First and Second runners up in the Aqua Regia National Finals


In the recently held Inter School General Quiz Competition organized by Naval Wives Welfare Association, Our students – Devansh Khare, Harsh Shah and Aman Saraf won the 4th prize among 22 schools from Mumbai comprising of 75 students.

3rd International Youth Convention on Commerce & Economics, Lucknow

Date: 5th November, 2015 to 9th November, 2015, Venue: City Montessori School, Kanpur Road, Lucknow The event was a good exposure for the participants to the latest developments in Commerce and Economics. It was an aspiring experience for the students to learn to improve the efficiency and equity of economic systems and to promote prosperity in a sustainable way; they also learned that this would only be possible if we balance the desire for outstanding economic outcomes with high ethical and environment standards. 50 schools across India, 2 schools from Nepal and 1 school from Srilanka participated in the event.

Our School won prizes in:

1. 2nd place in Buiz Quiz Participants: Arpit Kalla and Neville Tata

2. 2nd place in Big Fight (Debate) Against the motion Participant: Neville Tata

Gizmo Geeks 2015

On 11th of October Students went to Lilavatibai Podar High School to participate in the Gizmo Geeks 2015. The event encompasses various aspects of technology and decision making.

The events were as follows:

Hirday Gupta took part in think, innovate and blog event. He researched and made a powerpoint presentation on the latest in light technology. His presentation was on laser fusion and optical computing, which was a topic no one else had explored. He stood first in his event.

Arpit Kalla and Dishad Chopra took part in the robotic challenge. They made a robot that uses an IR sensor to avoid obstacles in its path. As a part of the challenge they also had to make an effective advertisement to market the robot. They also stood first in their event.

Anand Chaturvedi took part in sci-fi author, which involved writing a short story on the given topic and creating a video game based on the story. The game was based on space exploration, and could be animated physically or using computer software. Anand stood first in his event.

Rochak 2015

Winners in Rochak (Christ Church Hindi Festival) :

Wall Plate Painting :1st place : Isha Mody 8C, Anika Shah 8C

Hindi Duet Singing : 2nd Place : Devina Row 10C, Mehek Mehta 10C

Cascades 2015

Our school participated in Cascade 23, which is an inter-school cultural and sports festival organized by Jamnabai Narsee School. It was held on 1st, 2nd, 8th and 9th of August 2015. Around 40 schools participated.

Click here for Info: List of Students who have won prizes

Numero Uno Inter school Competition

Riddhi Bagadia and Arshia Mehta secured the third position in the event ‘Mind It’ at the Mathematics and Statistics Intercollegiate Fest, ‘Numero Uno’ organised by H.R College of Commerce & Economics. They were also selected to participate in the Master Numero Uno Quiz.

Spell-Link Inter school Spelling Competition

Sidhant Sanghi and Angela Mathew topped the Inter –School Spelling Competition organised by Spell-Link. They came first in Mumbai and won a cheque of Rs.10, 000 each and a trophy.

Bombay YMCA 34th Inter School Panel Debates

Four students from Grade 10; Tansa Shah, Ana Rath, Krish Munim and Vedant Nevathia won the Bombay YMCA 34th Inter School Panel Debates, in September, 2015. The team did exceptionallywell, winning every debate in which they participated, and becoming the overall champions. Ana won the best speaker award in the semi finals and Vedant won the best speaker award in the finals.

Shri Debates 2015

Four students; Tanmay Chopra, Akshiti Vats, Advait Kaushik and Natalia Bilimoria, participated in the Sriram Debates in June, 2015 in New Delhi.

Tanmay Chopra won the best speaker awards in Round 2 and Round 3; the second best speaker award in the quarterfinals and the overall third best speaker award in the tournament.

Advait Kaushik won the 2nd best speaker award in Round 1, Round 2 and Round 3.

The Institute of Chartered Accountancy of India City Level Debates

The Institute of Chartered Accountancy of India hosted the City Level Debate on Saturday, September 19th. The topic was 'Skill Development - does it have a place in India's assessment system'.

Rayan Sud won the second runner up prize and Advait Kaushik won the best speaker trophy. Advait has also qualified for the State Level Debate.

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